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Undercover Investigation Shows Systemic Cruelty In The Training Of Tennessee Walking Horses [Video]

There are days where I find myself totally and utterly disgusted with the human race, and this is one of those days.

It seems that the Humane Society has been conducting an investigation of stables responsible for training Tennessee Walking Horses and the video of what they have found has been released to the web.

The the investigators found was trainers beating, shocking, and burning the horses with chemicals in order for the horses to achieve their characteristic high stepping gait commonly referred to as “the big lick”.

The Humane Society’s investigation revealed treatment that is not only unethical, but also illegal. The head trainer, Jackie McConnell, is already on probation and yet was clearly seen continuing his work of beating and mutilating show horses. Not only that, the investigation revealed trainers using caustic chemicals applied to the horses’ feet — a practice known as “soring,” which was banned 40 years ago by the Horse Protection Act.

via Geekosystem

If you have a really hard time seeing animals being treated with extreme cruelty you might want to pass this video by.



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