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Donna Summer Blamed 9/11 For Cancer, Report Indicates

The entertainment world marked a big loss this week with the death of disco diva Donna Summer, who succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 63.

Summer battled the illness for an unknown period of time, and British tabloid The Sun reports that the 70’s hit-maker believed that the tragic events of September 11th and the toxic cloud that enveloped New York City in the days and weeks afterwards precipitated the illness that ravaged and ultimately killed her.

Moreover, Summer is said to have believed that she had a premonition of the devastation to come when as she walked through Manhattan with her husband the summer before tragedy struck. The paper quotes the late disco queen:

“My husband and I were walking down the street. I had this feeling. I said, ‘Honey, I feel like terrorism, high on top of the buildings.’ …I knew something was going to happen. When it did, I flipped out.”

Summer is said to have holed up in her apartment downtown in the time after 9/11, and the paper quotes her as recalling:

“I couldn’t go out, I didn’t want to talk to anybody. I had to keep the blinds down and stay in my bedroom. I went to church and light came back into my soul. That heaviness was gone.”

According to The Sun, more than 1,000 people exposed to the dust cloud are believed to have died since the attack, 350 of those people from cancer.




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