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Published on May 21st, 2012 | by James Johnson


Scanbox Lets Your Smartphone Scan Documents [Kickstarter Project]

Scanbox for Smartphone

Forget photo taking from your Smartphone, if the team at ScanBox has their way you will soon be using your phone to take high resolution scans that do not produce the grainy results of a built-in camera.

Designed by Phil Bosua, Ben Hillier, and Luke Allen the Scanbox is currently raising funds through Kickstarter.

The device is basically  a tripod made of laminated card stock in a choice of 6 colors. The device uses magnets to hold it together and is designed to fold flat for easy transport or easy storage around the office. The unit is 12 inches tall and features a slot for your phone on the top.

According to the devices designers the Scanbox+ upgrade will even supply LEDs and be powered by a 9-volt battery for uniform lighting.

So how easy is the Scanbox to operate? According to its designers you just snap your phone in place and snap a scan with the dedicated scanning app.

The company hopes users will enjoy the ability to digitize receipts and photos while also imaging 3-D objects.

The Kickstarter page shows that Scanbox has already reached its $12,500 goal however pledges can still be submitted for the next 50 days with the device being offered for the low cost of just $15.

Scanbox for Kickstarter



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