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Wife Suffering From Cancer Turned Into Sexy Pulp Warrior By Artist Husband

Cancer is a disease that not only attacks us physically but also psychologically and sometimes having a loving partner who stands by you during your fight with this¬†insidious disease. In this day and age of the Internet we see these loving partners taking to the web to publicize their partner’s fight for life and do so in incredibly creative ways.

Most recent of this type of creative publicity would probably have to be The Tutu Project by Bob Carey where he had himself photographed is all kinds of places wearing nothing more than a pink ballerina tutu.

Keeping in that creative vein we now have concept artist Ron Miller who wanted to tell the world about his wife’s¬†courageous, and victorious battle with cancer and he found a fun and incredibly unique way to do it.

He created a character by the name of Captain Judikha and created pulp science fiction type images with his wife dressed up in a vintage super suit with raygun included.

From Ron Miller:

My wife, Judith, successfully overcame a bout with cancer this past year (for the second time in 20 years). To celebrate her victory and her heroism, I came up with this series of pictures (and the accompanying serialized story). It’s all based on a persona and costume she invented some years ago, which she wore to several sci fi conventions. Captain Judikha herself was a tip of the hat to the heroines who graced the covers of old pulp magazines like Planet Stories.

via io9

There are even more images and tales over on the Facebook page that they created for Captain Judhika.



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