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Published on May 22nd, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


POM Juice Ad Claims Dubious, Judge Rules

pom juice lawsuit

POM pomegranate juice carries a high price tag, but watching the commercials, you might be inclined to think the deep red cocktail is worth the indulgence given the claims of unparalleled health benefits detailed in commercials.

However, a judge ruled this week that some of those very claims might be a bit overstated- in fact, it appears some of the claims made by POM pomegranate juice may have indeed even been “deceptive,” claiming to ward off erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer and heart disease. A decision issued this week in a case examining the legal implications of claims made by POM interpreted the ads as “false and misleading,” although the company has spun the ruling as a legal victory for the brand.

In a press release, Craig Cooper, Pom Wonderful’s chief legal officer, said:

“While we are still analyzing the ruling, it is clear that we will be able to continue to promote the health benefits of our safe food products without having our advertisements, marketing or public relations efforts preapproved by the FDA and without having to rely on double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies, the standard required for pharmaceuticals. We consider this not only to be a huge win for us but for the natural food products industry.”

An order directing some of the claims POM is legally able to make issued by a judge this week will be in effect for 20 years. Some of POM pomegranate juices’ ads were not found to be misleading, and the ruling explained that “the preponderance of the evidence fails to demonstrate that such advertisements would reasonably be interpreted by consumers as containing such claims.”



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