Entertainment Gary Connery Jumps Out Of Airplane Without A Parachute and Survives

Published on May 23rd, 2012 | by James Johnson


Stuntman Jumps Out Of Airplane Without A Parachute [Video

Gary Connery Jumps Out Of Airplane Without A Parachute and Survives

Hollywood stuntman Gary Connery jumped out of an airplane on Wednesday afternoon and then landed on the ground…without the assistance of a pesky parachute.

Jumping from 2,400 feet Gary instead relied on a “wingsuit” to slow him down while landing on 18,600 cardboard boxes meant to break his fall.

The stunt took less than a minute to complete thanks to speeds up to 80mph.

According to Connery he remained in a straight free-fall for about three seconds before his suit caught enough wind underneath him to start operating.

After successfully completing the stunt Gary Connery said:

“I feel incredible, just completely elated. Tonight will be all about celebrating … tomorrow I will be plotting my next daring challenge!”

Here’s the free fall footage.

After watching that clip it’s no wonder the stuntman involved has worked on such high action films as Crystal Skull, Die Another Day, and Batman Begins.




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