Tech Star Trek's Hypospray Has Arrived From The Future

Published on May 24th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Star Trek’s Hypospray Has Arrived From The Future [Video]

Star Trek's Hypospray Has Arrived From The Future

It is a common theme in the tech world to compare many of the devices we use daily to versions that science fiction shows like Star Trek use.

The thing is that we are actually starting to see some of the things from those shows actually being made with today’s technology. Most recently being the two different projects that have brought us actual tricorders and phasers, and now today we have word that researchers at MIT have developed the closest match to Dr. McCoy’s hypospray.

Oh sure we have similar jet-injection systems currently in use but this new offering from MIT is far beyond that technology. MIT’s version of the hypospray uses a powerful magnetic piston to push a near supersonic dose of medication right through your skin and into your body with the drugs carried along on a blast of air that’s skinnier than a mosquito’s blood-sucking proboscis.

It doesn’t stop there either because like the Star Trek hypospray, and unlike current jet-injection systems, the one from MIT is programmable. This means that you can adjust the dosage of the drug being administered and where in the different layers of the skin it will end up.

Here’s the video of the announcement.

via DVICE / MIT News



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