Travel 3-year-old removed from flight

Published on May 30th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


3-Year-Old Booted From Flight For Refusing to Wear Seatbelt

3-year-old removed from flight

I’m not the type to criticize other parents, but if your kid is so petulant that he gets kicked off a plane for non-compliance, you probably have an impending discipline problem on your hands.

Kids on flights are a touchy subject, because either you have kids you have to fly with from time to time, or you wish every child would be dragged off a flight by armed air marshals simultaneously informing them there is in fact no Santa Claus. But one planeful of people got to see a kid removed from a flight after a Washington State man says his son was removed from an Alaska Airlines flight for not wearing his seatbelt.

Mark Yanchak explains that while his son was being a bit three, it’s not like there aren’t other annoying people on planes:

“Kids crying, people snoring, large, smelly people, we deal with it, it’s normal… He was crying, being cranky. I started putting him in his seat. I put his seatbelt on. But he was being cranky, trying to be close to me, so he wasn’t fully fastened yet.”

Yanchak said he was not told why the family was removed from the flight, but later learned that the toddler’s reticence influenced the crew to deal with the three-year-old on the ground rather than mid-air. He also says his son is no longer interested in flying anywhere.



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