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Now This Is The Ultimate Home Theater For Watching Star Trek – Hands Down

Home theaters are a big business as more and more people are becoming totally fed up with the commercial theater going experience with many going that extra mile, and dollars, to create a unique experience.

There’s no getting around it though, this Star Trek themed home theater set up is definitely one of the more awesome ones that I have seen and at the request of the owner the company responsible for this creation, ESC, even included motorized sliding doors.

Control of the viewing and listening experience is done through a 15″ touchscreen in the captain’s chair even though they don’t specify just exactly what the “full control” means.

From ESC’s website:

The theater represents one of the most distinctive, technically and structurally advanced private theaters in the United States. The client insisted upon a unique and specific set of criteria including extremely high volume levels within a tasteful and highly-detailed Star Trek-themed architecture. Other technical assemblies unique to residential environments include motorized sliding doors, intelligent concert-type lighting and related DMX512 controls, and commercial-level HVAC, all coexisting seamlessly and reliably for a typical homeowner.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go find my drool towel to clean up the mess with.

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