Entertainment The Rebooted "Beauty And The Beast" Trailer You Don't Care If You See Or Not

Published on June 18th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


The Rebooted “Beauty And The Beast” Trailer You Don’t Care If You See Or Not [Video]

The Rebooted "Beauty And The Beast" Trailer You Don't Care If You See Or Not

Back in the 80’s Ron Perlman made a name for himself on television acting in the “drama” Beauty and the Beast with a make-up job that turned him into some sort of lion man that Sarah Connor, as a DA, found rescuing her from all kinds of ‘dangerous’ situations.

Well as with all things television, and movies, these days the “reboot” is the big thing and so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that some television network somewhere decided that it was time to subject us to yet another reboot, this time being a re-imaging of Beauty and the Beast.

Except this time it isn’t lion make-up coming to the rescue but rather a doctor who had his DNA messed with by the government when he was in the military which apparently enables him to mimic The Flash and The Hulk and all without breaking a sweat.

Think I’m kidding? Here’s the the trailer to prove it so you decide if this is going to make it to the television hit parade or not.


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