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No Charges For Texas Man Who Beat His Daughter`s Molester To Death

Earlier I posted about some ads that were about the fight against child abuse but one has to wonder just what one would do if they found their child being abused by some pedophile.

In the case of a 5-year-old little girl her father literally beat the man molesting her to death with his bare hands but it seems in the state of Texas they look at the law just a little different as a grand jury has decided not to indict the 23-year-old Shiner man.

The man – who has remained nameless in order to protect the identity of the little girl – was told by a witness that his little girl had been abducted by a ranch hand, Jesus Mora Flores. Flores apparently took the little girl behind the family`s barn where he began to sexually assault her.

The father followed her screams and then tracked down Flores where upon he began beating him in the head and neck until Flores collapsed.

“Under the law in the state of Texas deadly force is justified in order to stop and aggravated sexual assault or a sexual assault,” said Lavaca County District Attorney Heather McMinn. The jury concurred, and declined to indict the man.

Following the incident, Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon expressed support for the man’s right to defend his daughter. “He acted in defense of his third person,” Harmon said. Shiner residents echoed the Sheriff’s remarks, telling reporters Flores got what he deserved.

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