Life Man Test Lighter At Gas Station, Shows World He's An Idiot

Published on June 25th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Man Test Lighter At Gas Station, Shows World He’s An Idiot [Video]

Man Test Lighter At Gas Station, Shows World He's An Idiot

For years they have had signs posted and told people – do not use a lighter when pumping gas into your car so you would think that by now the last thing you would be seeing is some idiot sparking up his lighter at a gas station.

Well think again folks because as you can see in the video some dummy in the Melbourne suburb of Thomastown did just that but luckily for him there was a doctor at the scene who rushed in and saved him from becoming a crispy idiot.

Luckily, his dimwittedness was balanced out by a fast acting doctor who was filling his car up nearby. Dr. Hussei Zaini rushed to put out the flames with a bucket of water, preventing the fire from doing any further damage to the station.

“There could have been serious damage, so I decided to do something straight away, rather than waiting for the fire brigade,” he told the Herald Sun.

via Gawker

Here is the video of one idiot in action – DUH!



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