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Amtrak Has 232 Stranded Passengers In Rural West Virginia

Since 8:00 pm yesterday passengers of Amtrak’s Cardinal service that was headed to Chicago from New York have been stranded in West Virginia due to some big storms that cause massive tree falls along the tracks which forced the train to stop.

The National Parks Service Rangers have been sent out to check on the situation according to the Fayette County Sheriff’s department.

It isn’t a dire situation since the train involved is a long distance train and according to Amtrak still has power so passengers still had the necessities of life like air conditioning and food, as well crew members were sent into town to pick up any additional supplies that were needed.

Because the tracks are still covered with trees Amtrak is going to bring in buses to get the people headed home.

“The plan is to bring buses to Prince and take the folks towards their destination,” said an Amtrak spokesperson. “Because of the severe weather and because there are many transportation companies looking for buses we had to get buses from Pennsylvania and there are federal hours of service rules that limit them to travel to Cincinnati.”

This means passnegers going to Cincinnati will be taken towards their destination in a few hours when the busses — likely having to contend with downed trees themselves — finally arrive. Amtrak had no estimate for when busses taking passengers beyond Cincinnati will be made available.

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