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Keyless Entry System Of Stolen BMW 1M Coupe Hacked Within 3 Minutes [Video]

Keyless entry systems are all the rage these days especially among the higher end cars like BMW’s 1M Coupe and are touted as a great security measure but in the case of this BMW 1M Coupe it didn’t prove to be that great at keeping the thieves from stealing the car.

Apparently the thieves used a key programming device – which are available for around the $10,000 mark -that exploit the car’s On-Board Diagnostic port in order to clone the key fob, which in turn grants luxury access to the thieves.

As ZDNet explained about the video below.

In this particular video, there are a few security flaws that the hackers are exploiting simultaneously: there is no sensor that is triggered when the thieves initially break the window, the internal ultrasonic sensor system has a “blind spot” just in front of the OBD port, the OBD port is constantly powered (even when the car is off), and last but not least, it does not require a password. All of this means the thieves can gain complete access to the car without even entering it.

Here’s the video of the thieves in action.

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