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Scientists Create New Super Hard Carbon That Can Dent Diamonds

You know how they sat that a lady’s best friend is one of the world’s hardest substances – well, not now thanks to a bunch of researchers at the Carnegie Institution.

It seems that the researchers have discovered a way to build a structure called carbon-60 out of those magical buckyball-style carbon spheres, which after they were connected were filled with the solvent xylene and then put under incredible pressure – 320,000 times greater than Earth’s atmospheric pressure. It was this point that  some of the carbon spheres began collapsing into clusters of carbon atoms while others maintained their structure; which ended up creating a super strong lattice formation.

What resulted in the end was a never-before-seen form of carbon that contained ordered and disordered structures and the result is strong enough that it can actually dent diamonds.

“We created a new type of carbon material, one that is comparable to diamond in its inability to be compressed,” Wang said. “Once created under extreme pressures, this material can exist at normal conditions, meaning it could be used for a wide array of practical applications.”

via Science Daily



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