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Those Hot Looking Chicks On Facebook Could Be The Newest Taliban Method To Get Secrets

Anyone on Facebook has gotten them, friend requests from really beautiful women looking to become your best of friends on the social network. In most cases it is safe to assume that they are just some marketing or spam account looking to hook up but according to a new Defense Analysis report titled “Review of Social Media and Defense” some of those hot looking women are looking for more than just your astrological sign.

Fake profiles – media personnel and enemies create fake profiles 
to gather information. For example, the Taliban have used pictures 
of attractive women as the front of their Facebook profiles and have 
befriended soldiers.

The idea being that love starved soldiers are looking to ease their tensions anyway they can and these fake accounts are being used as a backdoor way to gain possible classified information from the soldiers.

The report also warned against photos with the following:

In the survey carried out for this review, the cadets mostly focused on the following points to 
protect against risks:
• No identifiable photos of bad behavior.
• Pictures in uniform only if behaving appropriately.
• No photos with guns, Rambo-style.
• No negative references to ADFA or Defence.

The thing about photos that could make them dangerous is the geo-tag information that is automatically embedded in them which when read with the right software could give away valuable troop locations.

via Business Insider



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