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Freshly Divorced Woman Sends Wedding Ring To The Stars On Homemade Rocket

Divorce can be both a painful and liberating experience; depending I guess on which side of the lawyer’s table you are on, and people deal with the final papers signifying the end to their marriage in different ways. Some head to the bucket of ice cream, some to the liquor cabinet; but if you are Rebecca Gibbs you build yourself a rocket.

When Rebecca realized that her marriage to her husband Stephen Page was over she left and head back home to New Zealand and getting her life back together. Even after a year of e-mails from her ex-husband begging for a reconciliation Rebecca was firm on her decision and with the help of her mother and friends began to get rid of all the things from her marriage, including her wedding dress.

However when it came to her wedding ring Rebecca decided to do something different and enlisted the help of her now partner’s bother; who is a rocket scientist, to build a two stage rocket whose only payload would be the wedding ring. After giving it a paint job, with the help of her dog Xabu, she headed to a concrete pad at Birding Flats on the Banks Peninsula.

The whole event was recorded on video an uploaded to YouTube but has since been taken down.




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