Science First Warning System's Bra Brings A Real Potential Of Early Breast Cancer Detection

Published on October 11th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


First Warning System’s Bra Brings A Real Potential Of Early Breast Cancer Detection [Video]

First Warning System's Bra Brings A Real Potential Of Early Breast Cancer Detection

Breast cancer has to be one of the worst types of cancer out there with one of eight women most likely to develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Right now our best diagnostic tool for detecting breast cancer is the mammogram but it is also known to have a high rate of misdiagnosis.

This is what First Warning System is looking to correct along with allowing for a much earlier detection of the cancerous growth with their non-invasive device that is worn as a sports bra. Along with sensors the bra will come with pattern recognition software, and AI, which are all used to detect angiogenic activity – the change in cell temperature associated with breast cancer.

Here’s a bit more technical info courtesy of the First Warning System site:

The system is a non-invasive breast physiology screening system, much more sensitive and much more cost effective than mammography. The platform has applications for both OB/GYN and primary care in-office use, as well as potential use as an over-the-counter (OTC) diagnostic system.

Three preliminary clinical studies in more than 650 women have been completed yielding compelling results, demonstrating an average accuracy of 92.1% (percentage of correct classification), an average sensitivity of 94.7% (true positive cases), and an average specificity of 91.1% (true negative cases). In comparison, the specificity and sensitivity of the gold standard mammogram averages 70% and the accuracy of interpretation is completely subject to the skill and ability of the reading radiologist.

Now this is wearable computing that I could get behind.

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