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Pill Bottles In New York To Get GPS

Okay, I’m betting that is a headline you never thought you read even in our technological world but it seems that the New York police think that adding GPS to those pill bottles you get your medicine in at the drugstore.

Now before you start freaking out New York’s Police Commissioner Ray Kelly wants to let you know that not all of the prescription bottles will come equipped with these GPS markers. The GPS addition is intended only for “bait bottles” that are filled with fake oxycodone and meant for bottles that have been stolen by professional thieves who make off with garbage bags full of prescription pills.

It is only when one of these bait bottles is part of a theft that the NYPD will activate the GPS tracking capabilities and provide the police with a quick way to track down the thieves before they get sold on the street.

Of course this “qualification” doesn’t stop the whole idea from being creepy.

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