Travel Somali Pirate Attack

Published on January 27th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Travel Writer Kidnapped In Somalia, Held For Ransom

Somali Pirate Attack

Michael Scott Moore, a travel writer from Manhattan Beach who is currently residing in Berline was kidnapped this week when traveling through the corrupt African region of Somalia.

Ironically the writer was traveling through the region in the hopes of potentially writing a book about the same alleged pirates that kidnapped him.

According to  KTLA he was taken on Saturday and the report refers to the kidnapper directly as “pirates.”

Reports suggest that 15 men in two SUVs grabbed Moore on his way to the airport and took him to Ceel Huur, a village on the Indian Ocean that has hosted several kidnapped people over the years.

The State Department is now trying to negotiate for Moore’s release however the Somalis believe he is a spy and won’t budget until a ransom is paid.

If the last several weeks are any indication of ransom attempts we’ll soon have one rescued hostage and 15 more dead pirates courtesy of the US Navy SEALs.




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