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Is The World Ready For The Mass Production Of Robotic Assistants?

Watching television and seeing robot concepts being executed by software illustrators is definitely the most interesting thing. Some countries have already made prototypes that are in a good working condition and the robots are out there. The topic of whether robots can be intelligent has always been controversial with most people reserving the view that they cannot be.

However, the world that we live in today is full of surprises when it comes to the technology front. There are so many breakthroughs when it comes to robotics that the answer to that query on their intelligence is slowly leaning on the affirmative.

When the concept of robotics was introduced to the world, they seemed unachievable. The first real robots were industrial and they were immobile. They only did repetitive work in assembly lines with no intelligence of any kind. In the present age, robots are now more than just that and they are capable of much more. Artificial intelligence has made them to come a long way since then and what is now is a whole new era of robotics.

The term robot is usually used to refer to a synthetic machine with intellectual abilities to complete the stipulated task. Many people ask what difference lies between them and IT support machinery since they also help to solve problems. The following are a few suggested differences:

1. Computers only solve the problems that they are limited to solve by the programs encoded to them. They run through given options and possible actions and chose the most appropriate among the choices but never choose anything outside the options. This is different from robotics since some of them can recognize a certain action and change course if need be. This is through artificial intelligence.

2. Some robots have modern state of the art science that allows them to operate independently. They have automatic switch on and off and they can regulate themselves accordingly. This widens the operational scope when you compare them with that more limited assembly machinery.

3. Some robots are said to interact socially with humans with the help of adaptive software. They can mimic human movements, sense body language and respond intelligently. This is the most advanced level of robotics in the world today and it has raised many debates on whether the world is ready for such interaction. Are the robots safe, can they hurt people? Will they take all the jobs and finally take over the entire human race? Is the world ready for intelligent robotics?



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