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Published on February 2nd, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Android Users Are Easy, Study Shows


Although you might think iPhone users are hogging up all the tang, it turns out that Android users give up the goods more easily than their Apple fangirling or fanboying counterparts.

(And everyone knows if you still use Nokia you don’t get laid at all. Kidding! But really, no boning for dumbphone users.) The highly scientific results of a survey reveal that an astonishing 62% of Android users put out on the first date, compared to 57% of Apple users, and 48% of Blackberry users. The same survey pegged (heh) Android users as “likely to have a one-night stand” at a still fairly high 55%, and 72% of the Android user base has used their handset to satiate their burning need for constant shagging (well, using phone-based dating sites.)

VentureBeat details the survey results a bit more and they also reveal that while Android users are more frequently promiscuous, iPhone users have a soppier bent- favoring office romance and calling the next day after a date, versus 2-3 days for Android-using scallywags. (BlackBerry users? Total lushes.)

Do you find the results of the survey to match your experiences with friends and their device choices?



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