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Published on January 14th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Stephen Colbert Is Most Talked About Presidential Candidate On Google+



Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert wants to be the next President of the United States of South Carolina. Yes you read that right. To make one thing clear he can’t actually run in South Carolina because he missed the November 1st filing date and he can’t be written in because South Carolina doesn’t allow write-ins. However that hasn’t stopped the funny man from campaigning.

During a Thursday airing of the Colbert Report the talk/news show host announced his run for the Presidency, transferring control of his Super PAC to fellow funnyman Jon Stewart.

Since that time ad space has been purchased in South Carolina for the Colbert Campaign and while some simple ad space may not be impressive it turns out that he’s polling better then the other candidates where it matters, online.

To put his popularity in perspective Colbert is the number one trend on Google+ while a story about Mitt Romney speaking French is in just the six spot.

A recent early poll of Republican voters in South Carolina by Public Policy Polling has also shown that Colbert is gaining speed in the state with 5 percent of voters saying they would vote for him. While 5 percent is far less than Romney’s 27 percent it’s still 1 percent better then Jon M. Huntsman Jr.

Perhaps candidates in South Carolina are simply sick of the ridiculous attack ads of “real candidates.” Have you seen the Newt Gingrich ad that makes fun of Mitt Romney for knowing how to speak French?

As a big fan of “fake news” I have to admit that Stephen Colbert is really good at turning his own life into real news. With that being said I’ll be looking for the Stewart/Colbert ticket in 2016.




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