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Published on February 7th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Bread is Now Too Salty, Scientists Say

bread salt intake

It’s not eggs, actual real butter or moderate drinking on the food panic radar this week- one of the last relatively safe foods unlikely to poison you with mercury, clog your arteries or inundate your system with high-fructose corn syrup can be ticked off the list of stuff you can eat thoughtlessly like, when someone places a basket of it on your table at Carrabba’s.

Bread is often on the verboten list for diabetics, low-carb dieters and those wishing to limit their sugar intake, but if you don’t fall into those categories, it is often a kind of simple pleasure food that you don’t think much about thinking. And while the jury is still kind of out on the subject of salt intake and overall healthy diet, it seems that if you’re in any way concerned about sodium consumption, start feeling mildly stressed out about eating bread, too.

A new US government study found that savory treats like potato chips and snack foods are less likely a culprit in unhealthy intake of salt, but that pantry staples like bread are often packed with salty goodness- and we tend to base our meals around them. According to the New York Daily News, bread edges in just ahead of pizza on the list of foods that are secretly upping your salt levels:

The list released Tuesday does contain some likely suspects: Pizza accounts for 5.7% of the sodium in the average person’s diet; cold cuts make up 5.8%… But bread and rolls are the top culprits, contributing 7.4% of the salt to the daily menu.

According to the data, a stunning nine out of ten Americans manages to go over the recommended sodium limit on average each day.



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