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Published on February 15th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Wind Turbines Biggest Enemy? Wind.

OffShore Turbines

Wind turbines are expected to create 20% of the power needs in the United States by 2030 but some experts worry that the need for off-shore turbines will create an entirely new problem.

According to the New Scientist many of the new turbines will be placed offshore and will be susceptible to hurricanes. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon predict that over-time many of the windmills will fall and with wind farms cost $175 million apiece that could mean huge losses that will then require further government subsidies.

One of the researchers noted:

“We want these risks to be known now before we start putting these wind turbines offshore. We don’t want any backlash when the first one goes down and it costs a lot to replace.”

I can practically look out my backyard window and see the new turbines being installed all over Central, Illinois. I for one love the prospect of more turbines, but perhaps more on-shore locations would be a better start until hurricane proofing can be figured out for off-shore turbine locations.




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