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Published on February 16th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Man Orders World’s Most Expensive Starbucks Coffee, But Here’s The Kicker…

Starbucks Coffee

When Logan Warren headed into his local Starbucks he went on a mission, he wants to create the world’s most expensive cup of coffee and he reached that goal with a $23.60 Frappuccino.

To create his “masterpiece” he ordered a 31-ounce Trenta complete with Java Chip Frappuccino, 16 shots of espresso, soy milk, caramel and banana and strawberry purees. For added zest he included some vanilla beans, matcha and various protein powders. Finally Logan threw in some caramel and mocha.

Explaining the drink on Geek on Call Logan simply said it was “not good” and then described that it tasted “like Jillian Michaels with a touch of Chuck Norris.”

The drink also couldn’t have been good on the heart, it contained 1,400mg of caffeine.

But here’s the kicker…Logan had a coupon for one free drink, no strings attached.

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