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Published on February 17th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Mars to Phase Out ‘King Size’ Candy Bars, Aims to Have All Snacks Under 250 Calories

king size mars bar

It is often said- by me- that they shouldn’t legally be able to call “fun size” candy bars “fun size” because there is nothing really fun about way less candy.

But it seems that orgiastic candy consumption is going the way of the styrofoam Big Mac container, as Mars is 86’ing its “king size” options in favor of new packaging with smaller chocolates. So essentially, you’re going to have to admit you’re a fatass and just buy two Milky Way bars, now, which kind of sucks.

Other bars in the line will be altered to hit the 250-calorie mark, and NPR quotes the company- in “fun size” quotelets- about the upcoming candy change in 2013:

The company tells The Salt it will be replaced with bags of two or four smaller bars. The idea is to “enable sharing or saving a portion for later,” according to a Mars spokesperson… the company says it wants to be an industry leader, helping its customers enjoy “responsible snacking.” …The candy-maker says that it’s not clear what size or shape the change to the regular bar will take. In other words, it could get skinnier and keep its length, or go shorter and stay a little thicker. But, the spokesperson says, “we will always preserve the great taste that consumers love.”

Do you think we need smaller candy bars, or does the problem with the American diet lie elsewhere?



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