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The famous Duff’s Beer from the Simpsons exists – if you’re lucky enough to live in England

The Simpsons show just recently celebrated its 500th show anniversary and as usual when it comes to the famous animated show all kinds of posts were written about the event, the characters, and the show; but none of them knew about the most important news.

Duff’s Beer exists!

Yes you read that right folks, the most famous beer in the world is now available for you to purchase – if you have to live in the United Kingdom that is.

The Legendary Duff Beer is available in cans or bottles and is currently able to be purchased and shipped to delivery locations in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

From the manufacturer’s blurb on this incredible news.

The Legendary Duff Beer is a premium German pilsner that poses a crisp, light refreshing taste along with iconic packaging. The product has certainly fulfilled it’s namesake in becoming a modern day legend, developing a cult following across the world.

Vigourous quality measures and a fine art of blending science together with precise brewing practices has allowed Brewmasters Gebeaut’s time honoured brewing traditions and state of the art techniques to shine through and ensure the legendary duff beer arrives to you with the perfect balance of flavour and refreshment.

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