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Netflix streaming of Whitney Houston pulled by production company to increase DVD profits

You know you have to wonder just how greedy entertainment companies can be when you hear news like this but apparently all movies with Whitney Houston in them have had the streaming rights pulled. This means that services like Netflix have to pull those movies from their line-up.

The reason?


When Dan McDermott went looking on Netflix for her The Bodyguard movie with Kevin Kostner it was nowhere to be found when it had been available prior to her death. So McDermott reached out to Netflix for a reason why this was and this is the reply that he got back:

Netflix rep: “Okay Dan, I just went and talked to my main supervisor as to why the movie had been pulled and the reason it was pulled was the production company pulled the streaming rights from us because all the publicity after Whitney Houston’s passing there was an opportunity to make really a very large amount of money on the DVD sales of her movies. So they’re going to pull all the streaming titles we have of Whitney Houston so they can make more money off the DVD sales of her movies.”

And the entertainment industry wonders why the consumer hates them so much. The only thing this will end up doing is increasing the number of people who will download it illegally because they want to watch it as a one-off experience of remembrance.

Smart move you bozos.

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