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Published on February 22nd, 2012 | by James Johnson


Google Developing “Smart Glasses” To Push Information

Google Glasses

By the end of 2012 we could be pushing information directly in front of our eyes thanks to a pair of Google Android powered glasses being created by the team at Mountain View.

The glasses will feature 3G or 4G connections and will stream information in real time to a small screen just a few inches away from the users eyes.

Also included will be a motion sensor and GPS alongside a low-resolution camera. Using those features a user will be able to grab information about a location and nearby friends while navigating that information with simple motion based head tilt navigation that also allows for user “clicks” on information.

Because the Google glasses feature a camera and can be worn Google X laboratories is also working on a way to show when someone is being recorded in order to respect everyone’s privacy.

Apple is said to be working on a similar product that can be worn around the wrist.



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