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An awesome stop-motion birth of the Millennium Falcon [Video]

When it comes to Star Wars the Millenium Falcon is our underdog favorite for when it come to butt-kicking and back in 2007 an Lego kit of it hit the market for the price of $500 the serious Lego and Star Wars fans fell down to get in line to buy one of the model kits.

In the intervening years we have read many posts where fans relate the fun that had putting the kit together while they serenaded our eyeballs with picture after picture of the completed Lego Milleninum Falcon.

Well Francisco Prieto decided to to them all one better and over the course of three years he created a 3D stop-movie of his building the prized Falcon.

Prieto tediously created frame-by-frame sequences of the actual assembly using 3DS Max and V-Ray software. We must commend this level of dedication, as the results are a visual feast for a Lego lover’s eyes

via CNET Crave

And without further ado here is his video which in some ways is almost as awesome as the final product he was building.

Lego Millennium Falcon Stop Motion Assembly 3d from Francisco Prieto on Vimeo.



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