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Published on February 29th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Facebook’s Friend Manager App Takes a Lot of the Heavy Lifting Out Of Privacy Controls

facebook privacy study 2012

Facebook and Twitter (and to a degree, Pinterest) suffer from adding forward, characterizing backwards syndrome, which I just invented- all services benefit from a culling of content and tightening of friends thing as you’ve used them more, creating future work that may not be all that intuitive.

Privacy and Facebook are an ongoing dual issue for most users, and most people are familiar with the issue of overzealously adding folk only to have to either hold back or do some serious list-organizing down the road when you realize your best friend won’t stop saying horrifically dirty things on your wall in front of your mom. But reorganizing all your content is a pain, and a new unofficial Facebook app called Friend Manager seeks to make such a task less monumental.

TheNextWeb reviews the app, describing its simpler visual approach to the sorting of friends:

“As soon as you get started, all of your friends are loaded into the “Regular Friends” or “Close Friends” bucket. The latter is automatically generated by Facebook based on your usage… Once you start dragging and dropping friends, you’ll notice the addition of the new “Acquintances” category as an option under friends when you go to update your status.”

Have you attempted to reorganize your friends list to show content only to certain people on Facebook? Would you use an app like Friend Manager?



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