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Published on March 3rd, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


IKEA Introducing ‘Aktiv’ House For Under $90K, Fully Kitted Out

IKEA house aktiv

IKEA has unveiled plans to begin selling pre-fab, mod trailer-like homes in its characteristic sleek, plasticky Swedish style, but if you want to buy one, no one will tell you what aisle it’s in and you’ll have to get it down from the top shelf and lug it to the register yourself.

Okay, the second part isn’t true, but IKEA really has teamed up with Oregon design firm ideabox (note the all caps/all lowercase synergy going on there) to design and sell the pre-fabs, dubbed an IKEA-like “Aktiv.” The homes are at once cheerily sleek and enviable, as well as being depressingly not unlike a college dorm room, since the ubiquitous IKEA design signature is very present in the initial images.

For a one-bedroom, the contemporary corrugated steel and fiber cement dwellings (no particleboard was mentioned) starts at about $86,000- and no assembly is required, ideabox says:

“We designed the layout, and our clients can select the colors. IKEA appliances offer state-of-the-art cooking, so we included an induction cooktop and convection oven. A counter depth refrigerator keeps food fresh, and cabinet faced dishwashers provide seamless functionality… When your ideabox aktiv arrives, all of the cabinets, countertops, and flooring are installed… it’s like the best of everything!”

It appears that for the time being, the IKEA “Aktiv” is only available to hippies in the Pacific Northwest.



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