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An Increase In The Theft Of Tide Detergent Connected To ‘Drug Habits’ [Video]

There are so many one-liners that could bubble to the surface when it comes to this story but rather than circle the drain I’ll just provide some on the spot news about a rising concern in the US that the soap detergent aisle is becoming the newest form of payment for drugs.

It seems that some supermarkets are being driven to the point of putting their stock of Tide detergent behind locked glass cases due to a radical increase in the the theft of this high priced detergent.

In fact one man in California was recently released on a $1 million bail after being arrested following a short chase that resulted in a car accident. Ronald Ledesma, 54, was charged with the theft of 9 larger bottles of Tide which the police believe has become the newest black market currency due to their high cost, which can be as high a $20 for the larges size bottle.

Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino said police were “somewhat baffled” by the Tide-stealing trend.

Ledesma, who has previous convictions for violent crime, was thought to be under the influence of methamphetamine at the time, which Mr Amormino linked to the pattern of thefts.

“Apparently it’s used to sell on the street,” he said. “They probably get enough to feed small-scale drug habits.”

The Orange County incident is just the latest in a growing list of Tide thefts.

via BBC

The English version of the video has apparently been pulled but this one is pretty hilarious to watch – oh the dangers of Tide if only your mother knew eh.



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