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[Infographic] Gaming: Totally Gets You Laid (or Finds You a Girlfriend)


Gaming has a lot of negative connotations attached- mainly that it is frequented by lonely fapping virgins who live in their mothers’ basements- but it seems that the dudes who spend their time insinuating teenagers halfway across the globe on World of Warcraft¬†are raking in the tang.

Actually, I have a theory. I am one of the old school internet forum frequenters, and over the past decade, about ten couples have met and married or otherwise entered into long-term relationships on my message board of choice. (Yes, I have been there for over a decade, and yes, I am one half of one of those sad, sad couples.) Interestingly, not only has it been reasonably easy for couples to meet up and pair off from the site (despite being far-flung in a lot of cases and necessitating costly visits or even life changes), but these sometimes long-distance relationships have almost across the board outlasted any of my friends’ real-life or dating website match-ups.

It perplexed me for a while, but the below infographic seems to spell out why my unformed theory on organic internet relationships (ie, when you meet someone in the context of another online activity versus looking for someone to love) might bear out. So it would appear, gamers actually get the girl- and maybe in higher numbers than that hot, rich guy on

Have you met a significant other on a forum or in a MMPORG? Did it work out better than dating non-internet people?


gamers get girls



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