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Published on March 22nd, 2012 | by James Johnson


Woman Brags About Dodging Jury Duty, Gets Busted By Judge

Crazy Juror Caught Lying

When Susan Cole, 57, was called to jury duty she thought that her time would be better spent elsewhere so she decided to show up at court in curlers and mismatched shoes while acting like a crazy person. Cole’s act worked and the judge overseeing the case let her out of jury duty.

Shortly after she left court she jumped on a local radio station show to brag about her stroke of genius.

Her plan may have went off without a hitch but as it turns out the judge who dismissed her from jury duty was listening to the radio station where her crazy story was playing out.

In return for her cleverness Susan Cole has been charged with perjury via the Denver court system.

Finally realizing that she crossed a line she may regret Susan proclaimed:

 “I am embarrassed I did it. What if I go to prison for this?”

Perhaps that was a question she should have asked herself before she not only lied to a judge but then bragged about it on the radio.



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