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Published on March 26th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Ontario Legalizes Brothels. Welcome To Canada’s VERY Friendly Borders

Legalized Brothels In Ontario Canada

In a move meant to minimize risks and safety treats for prostitutes in Canada the Ontario court on Monday overturned a banned on brothels in the province.

The new ruling will take effect in 2013 and will allow prostitutes to work under a protected roof with security personnel and other support staff members.

A legal consultant for the Sex Professionals of Canada tells the Globe and Mail:

“It’s so nice to feel that we have been brought into society. I feel like a debutante. I feel like a citizen.”

Other supporters of the bill also praised the decision, noting that legalized prostitutes will pay taxes while the industry can move out of the underground, pushing many predators out into the open.

In further attempting to protect “working girls” the court did clearly note that “in circumstances of exploitation” such as “pimping” the practice would still be considered illegal.

Prostitutes will still not be allowed to solicit for sex in public areas which means men must visit the brothels and not attempt to pick up working girls in public.



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