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Man Goes To Jail For Claiming He Will Do A “Live Murder” On Facebook [DUH!]

There are stupid people and then there is Greg Searle from Cardiff, Wales.

As the BBC is reporting today Mr. (Idiot) Searle proclaimed on Facebook that he was going to commit a “live murder on Facebook” when he posted

 “I give you live murder on Facebook. Bet you sick freaks can’t wait for me to make my move so you can watch.”

When five police officers went to investigate they found Searle leaning out of an upstairs window where he was brandishing a replica A3 handgun. This lead to an eight hour standoff with police after which he was arrested and subsequently sent to jail for two years by the judge hearing the case.

Needless to say his defense lawyers tried to play the psychological problems card but that didn’t seem to work with the court.

The defence claimed that the incident was due to psychological problems. “He has been on mood-altering medication since his arrest and there have been no further problems but he may need more treatment,” said Mr Karl Williams, defending.

According to the Daily Mail, a neighbour said, “There were police with guns in the street and people were told to stay inside their homes but all the time the fellow was on Facebook. It went on for hours and he kept his friends updated with what was going on by posting regular messages.

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