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Published on April 6th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Poverty Groups With Gay Ties Are Losing Church Money

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For all the compassion the Church preaches regarding Jesus Christ giving up his life to save his followers they sure don’t have much compassion for the generality of human life.

A small nonprofit that assists Hispanic immigrants in Colorado saw their funding cut recently from the Catholic Church’s Campaign for Human Development because the group known as Compañeros has ties to an immigrant rights coalition that has ties to a gay rights group.

It turns out Compañeros is not alone, since 2010 the Church’s campaign has pulled funding from nine anti-poverty non-profits after pressure was handed down from close-minded conservatives who want all church funding to only be given to groups that strictly follow the churches ideals.

The push to stop financing comes after the American Life League began releasing an annual list of groups it considers unworthy of Catholic Campaign funding.

In a letter to the groups members the Campaign said it would no longer tolerate, “positions, activities, and relationships” that promote “abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, racism,” the death penalty, and “punitive measures towards immigrants.”

In the meantime Compañeros is “shocked” that they lost funding because they have an affiliation with a group in their chain of command that supports gay rights.

Perhaps the catholic church should defund itself given all the child-molesting gay priests it employs. Then again maybe I missed the chapter in the bible where that was considered okay.





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