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Published on April 6th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Ryanair Asks Crew Members To Slim Down, Hopes To Save On Fuel Costs

RyanAir Plane

Fuel costs continue to rise and no airline feels the pinch from those rises more than a low cost carrier and that’s why Ryanair is attempting to solve part of the fuel cost problem with employee weight suggestions and a rewards system.

While Ryanair hasn’t explicitly told flight attendants and pilots that they need to lose weight, the company is encouraging their employees to slim down.

So how is Ryanair going about their slim down campaign? They’ve offered some of their flight attendants a place in their “Girls of Ryanair” calendar. No really that’s their plan, they will allow girls to pose half naked on a poster as a reward for slimming down.

This is hardly the first time Ryanair has made such a decision, in an attempt to shed extra weight from their airplanes the company has slimmed down the amount of content inside their in-flight magazine, they have begun serving drinks with less ice (which is fine by me) and they even thought at one point of removing part of the plane, a company spokesman tells the Telegraph

“We cut costs wherever possible. We also considered removing armrests, but decided against it.”

I know you’re curious about the Girls of Ryanair poster so here it is:

Girls Of Ryanair poster

Forget armrests and heck even get rid of the wings and I’ll still fly on Ryanair based on their annual charity poster.



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