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Published on January 18th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Vacation In Infamy At Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair, Then Help Fix It Up

Hitler Wolfs Lair Compound

It might not be a cozy five-star hotel, heck it’s not really a hotel at all but if you want to take a unique vacation several times a year the infamous Wolf’s Lair that once belonged to Hitler is now up for grabs.

Wolf’s Lair isn’t cheap at $139,000 per year but it does feature 32-acres of land in the Polish forest, although much of the area was destroyed as the Nazi’s fled back into Germany from the base they called home from 1941 through 1944.

At the time of operation Wolf Lair could accommodate 2,000 Nazi personnel and it also served as a failed assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler in July 1944.

180,000 tourists per year make the trek to Wolf Lair and the Polish Forestry Service which took control of the site after World War II is hoping that an investor with interest in Wolf’s Lair will make it more accessible.

The lease price is so high because they want someone who can not only afford upkeep on the land but who will build a museum on the property and make the treacherous dirt roads that lead to the lair more accessible.

So really you’re not so much a tourist if you lease the land as you are the proprietor of a new business of sorts, you just happen to live on the famous land you are bringing visitors towards.

Would you want to pay $139,000 per year to rent the former base home of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi soldiers?



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