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Published on April 17th, 2012 | by James Johnson


New Prostate Cancer Treatment Could Put Common Side Effects To Rest

HIFU Prostate Testing

A new prostate cancer treatment is being heralded not only for its efficacy but for working without common side effects often associated with traditional prostate treatments, specifically impotence and incontinence.

In a recent study researchers examined 41 men and in their research published in Lancet Oncology they found that nine out of 10 men had a “perfect” outcome (no cancer and no side effects one year after surgery).

The study found that using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to heat and destroy the cancer cells while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue left 95% of subjects cancer free after one year while only one in 10 men became impotents. When doctors user traditional treatments, specifically prostate removal surgery or radiotherapy only half of cases result in a “perfect” outcome.

Not only is HIFU treatment effective in reducing side effects, in most cases men can be treated and released without having to spend a night int he hospital.

HIFU treatment will undergo large-scale testing soon.



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