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Published on April 18th, 2012 | by James Johnson


North Korea Spends $15 To Build National Website

North Korea Website for 15 dollars

North Korea can’t launch a rocket properly and they also apparently can’t build a basic website from the ground up. Michael DiTanna, a junior at Fordham University was asked to analyze North Korean official media and analyze its content for his Korean history/politic science class and he decided to start by examining the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The website he quickly realized was flash-heavy and in English in order to instruct non-Korean’s in the ways of the “Juche” ideology. So instead of simply paying attention to Korean news he looked under the “hood” at the webpages source code and found a marker page for “Envatoweddesign.” A quick search around the web and Michael discovered that the webpage was nothing more than a cookie cutter web template that could be purchased for $15 and setup quickly.

According to Michael:

“Immediately after visiting the site I noticed the website used some common open source web elements — specifically the main image banner,” DiTanna tells Danger Room. Noticing the “envatowebdesign” marker “gave away the template’s source.”

DiTanna then added:

“I had to present on this in class and everyone was pretty shocked.”

Here’s the source code Michael discovered:


With Pyongyang facing new international sanctions perhaps a $15 website is smart from a thrifty point of few.





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