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Published on April 19th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Delaware Wants To Ticket Slowpokes. Stay Out Of The Left Lane!

Slower Traffic Keep Right

Drivers all over the United States ignore signs that read “slower traffic keep right” and for the most part those slow drivers go unbothered by police, in Delaware however police officers are about to start taking those state signs seriously.

A new bill going before the Delaware Legislature is considering a fine of $230 fine for left land dawdlers. The bill would also make the left land for passing and turning only on any road with at least two lanes in each direction.

According to the News Journal the bill has been endorsed by the Delaware Police Chiefs Council and AAA Mid-Atlantic. While the council admit the bill would be very hard to enforce they say it “could have a huge impact just by being on the books.”

Delaware officials hope that by reducing left lane use for slowpokes they’ll be able to reduce road rage and ultimately reduce road rage induced actions.




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