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Published on January 19th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Chinese Bloggers Mock SOPA Website Outages In United States, They Just Don’t Get It

SOPA Wikipedia and China

Chinese bloggers just don’t get it, SOPA isn’t about citizens whining about a few rights being taken away, it’s about whining over the fact that we don’t want our speech to be limited, an industry to be slowed and barriers to entry created and big businesses making our decisions for us by altering opinion to turn it into fact. That’s why it was amusing on Thursday to read just how much Chinese bloggers have given into governmental mind-control.

One Microblogger in China wrote of the Wikipedia blackout:

“We blacked it out here years ago. Where are OUR hugs?”

While another blogger added:

“Only an American company could protest the way Wikipedia or Google has [to deal with] the government. A Chinese company would never get away with that.”

Those sentiments are echoed throughout China, where oddly enough many people have opposed the “Great Firewall of China” but now appear to be laughing at an attempt to block SOPA which much like that “Great Firewall” is aimed at blocking piracy from overseas websites. Then again China also blocked out porn, vastly cutting out the number of websites available to internet users.

When push comes to shove Chinese bloggers will likely not see a day anytime soon when their internet rights are lifted of censorship, especially when they make comments about how SOPA isn’t a big deal and is not even close to the type of censorship China currently observes. Perhaps they forget that it’s the basic roots of censorship that lead to further censorship and more headaches.

Not all Chinese bloggers of course think SOPA is a good idea, unfortunately many of their voices have been dulled by their own governments restrictions on the internet. And perhaps more Chinese bloggers would understand the ramifications of SOPA if they had a source that pulled together information to explain what it would mean not just for the U.S. but internationally based websites. Then again that source would likely be Wikipedia and they blocked it years ago.

Here’s my giant HUG to that Chinese Blogger who likely still thinks the sun revolves around the earth or whatever other extremely lame and laughable lies he’s forced to read about from government allocated websites.




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