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Yes Kids Your Parents Are Secretly Accessing Your Facebook Profile

Once upon a time keeping track of what your kids were doing was as simple as trashing their rooms (because they’d never notice anyway) and finding those diaries you thought you had cleverly hid but now you use Facebook and figure your parents are t o dumb to use the service.

Well AVG, a security software company, has a bit of a surprise for you – 6 out of 10 parents are stalking your Facebook profile pages, and mother’s are t he worst, especially if you live in Canada.

It turns out, according to the study by AVG, that parents are access their teen children’s Facebook profiles and have some pretty interesting stats that they are sharing with us after talking with some 4,400 parents of teens ages 14 to 17.

  • 60% of U.S. parents access teen’s profile pages
  • 66% of Canadian parents are doing the same thing
  • 51% of U.K. parents follow suit
  • Across 11 countries 44% of parents admit to reading their kid’s profile pages
  • 21% have seen explicit or abusive messages of their kid’s profile page

OF course this is all happening in a world where most kids these days have a web presence by the age of two mainly due to their parents posting pics of them on services like Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s an infographic put together by the folks at AVG to highlight a few more of the data points that they discovered in the study.

via VentureBeat



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