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Norwegian Gets 7 Years In American Jail For Squashing a Woman’s Toe

We all know that it isn’t generally a good idea to drive the wrong way down a one-way street but for Norwegian Kristoffer Larsgard it has proven to be especially the wrong thing to do since by doing so in Winslow Arizona he has ended up with a seven and a hlf year prison sentence for aggravated assault.

On the day of the incident Larsgard, and his mother, were trying to retrieve their luggage and the previous car that they had rented had broken down only to find themselves driving down the wrong way of a one-way street. People on the street got angry with him with one man reaching into the car and punching Larsgard in the face which caused Larsgard to panic and try to get away.

It was during his efforts to get to safety that he ended up running over one woman’s toes and one other woman was grazed as she jumped out the way. During this attempt to escape Larsgard also reversed into a store whose only customers where a woman and her child, neither of whom was hurt in any fashion.

Once police showed up on the scene Larsgard was arrested and then spent the next seven months in solitary confinement in jail. Even though Larsgard said at trial that he was only trying to get away after being punched several witnesses provided emotional testimony that Larsgard threatened to kill them after his nose was broken.

The courts final verdict on the whole thing – seven-and-a-half years in jail.

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