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A Dying Woman Takes Her Plea For Life-Saving Drug To YouTube [Video]

Darlene Gant has stage-four breast cancer, which is the worst stage and typically means death.

Pertuzumab is a yet to be released drug from a company called Genentech that won’t receive formal approval from the FDA until June, by which time Darlene could be dead.

There is something called a Compassionate Use clause which if allowed will let the drug company release a drug like Pertuzumab early, before it gets final FDA approval.

So how does this all tie together?

Well, Darlene found out about the drug and about the Compassionate Use clause and with the help of her husband recorded a video where she pleads for Genentech to invoke the Compassionate Use clause so that she could use the drug to at least extend her life a little longer.

Why this is unusual is that it isn’t the patient that appeals under the Compassionate Use clause but rather the doctors treating the person who needs it.

But this time around unusual won out as the drug company came through after inundated by calls to the company by people who had seen the video.

Darlene received her first dose of Pertuzumab last Friday.

Here is the video that helped change their mind.

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