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Published on April 30th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Dan Savage’s ‘Anti-Christian’ Comments Draw Ire of Censorship Groups, Is Accused of Bullying

dan savage it gets better

Sex columnist Dan Savage drew wide-scale attention and negative publicity last week when he pissed of a bunch of Christian high school journalists by rejecting anti-gay biases dictated by the Bible.

A small number of students walked out of the teen journalism summit at which Savage was speaking, and the situation was not ameliorated when Savage called the sensitive kids “pansy asses” after he’d referenced the “bullshit in the Bible” that influences much anti-gay propaganda in America.

Predictably, outrage against the big evil homo Dan Savage was swift and… mostly from Fox News. (Funnily enough, Savage is technically a Christian who somewhat coined the brilliant phrase “culturally Catholic” for those of us who are not traditional believers but acknowledge the influence of Catholicism on our personalities or lives.) It’s kind of bullshit that Savage, who started the viral, frequently moving and very often tear-jerking “It Gets Better” campaign is being accused of the very activity he has single-handedly done so much to prevent, but do you expect anything less from the usual suspects?

Now outrage queens like the Parents Television Council have hopped onboard the publicity-friendly controversy, and per the LA Times, have called Savage’s sex education for students initiative “a campaign to promote promiscuity on college campuses.”

Dan Savage has apologized for bluntly wording his opinion, but stands by his comments on the hypocrisy of un-Christlike Christians.



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