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Published on May 2nd, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Too Much Sleep Not Linked to Weight Gain, Study Shows

sleep study shift workers

This has been a banner year for laziness in weight loss, with studies published concerning eating bread to lose weight and popcorn’s better-than-veggies nutritional profile, and now sleeping a lot has also gotten the green light from scientists.

Sleeping is considered somewhat a vice in today’s under-rested and overworked America, but a new study reveals that getting a lot of sleep doesn’t necessarily slow down your metabolism, as previously thought. Although researchers agree that the seven to nine-hour window is still ideal for most individuals, a slight excess of sleep isn’t a surefire way to pack on pounds.

Researchers examined data from 1,000 sets of twins through the University of Washington Twin Registry, and one sleep expert who was not involved in the research explained the study’s findings to ABC. Dr. David Schulman, medical director of the Emory Sleep Disorders Laboratory, says:

“The paper is supporting the long-time belief that there is an association between body mass index and duration of sleep, but the effect of more sleep may not be as powerful as we believed.”

Another sleep expert explained that sleep deprivation is far more of a concern with obesity, noting that “sleep deprivation may trigger a genetic component that can increase body mass index and weight can be a great focus for targeting obesity in our population.”



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